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From time to time I take some equipment out of rotation and put it up for sale.  Unless noted otherwise all equipment is used, in excellent condition and never has been gigged or taken on the road, only gently used in my studio.  See specific listings for photos, information and prices.  Many items can be shipped in the lower 48 CONUS (rare exceptions outside the USA), some larger pieces I won’t ship, but need to be delivered, picked-up or met half-way within a two hour radius of my studio location at a neutral public location.  All payments must be in advance via Paypal.  I have long term positive purchase and sales ratings at AudioKarma, TheGearPage, ebay and AudiogoN.  If you have questions, contact me through the links or at ‘wajobu [at] hotmail [dot] com’

Items at Reverb

Here’s what’s for sale over at Reverb (if anything is up)

Eurorack Modules For Sale (For Members of 12k Discord Forum Users ONLY)

The first price is the original retail price when new and second price is asking price PLUS US shipping, see below.

Erica Synth Pico BBD #1 $139   $95

Erica Synth Pico BBD #2 $139   $95

After Later Audio Popple Stereo Filter $199   $150

After Later Audio Benjolin v2 $325   $285

After Later Audio Tilt $139   $95

After Later Audio Blend $119   $90

Make Noise Maths $290   $250

Make Noise XP Stereo Panner Mixer $259   $225

1010 BitBox Micro $439   $325

New Systems Instruments Harmonic Shift Oscillator $365   $275

New Systems Instruments Babel Logic $135   $100

Patch Panda Moonphase Stereo Filter $269   $225

Elektrofon Klang – 4 Voice Chord Encoder $369   $325

Pittsburgh Modular Primary Oscillator v1 $229   $175

Pittsburgh Modular Micro Sequencer v1 $199   $150

Pittsburgh Modular Analog Replicator v2 Life Forms Panel $300+   $225

Pittsburgh Modular Analog Replicator v2 Orig Panel $300+   $225

Audio Damage Stereo Dimension Chorus ADM11 $289   $240

Feedback 106 Stereo Juno Chorus v2 (Shallower Version) $160   $135

Intellijel Springray II with medium spring reverb tank $270   $225

Doepfer A-188-1 Silver 128 BBD MN3006 Chip $185   $150

Doepfer A-188-1 Black 256 BBD MN3209 Chip** $190   $155

All modules are in like new or excellent conditions, well cared for in a non-smoking house.  US Shipping to US addresses ONLY is extra and can be either USPS First Class or Priority.  I have original boxes, cables and manual that came with module (if any). ** – Not Original Box.

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  1. Hi, I saw a beautiful Garrarrd 401 aluminum plinth on your site.
    Regarding that plinth who can I ask some questions?
    Vincent Gallo

    April 29, 2015 at 3:27 pm

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